Catching Fire | Entertainment Weekly

  • Jennifer Lawrence: Let me tell you, Sam is the clumsiest, most accident prone person in the world. He broke his hand within the first week. He walked into a twig, and his eye was bleeding. He fell every single scene
  • Sam Claflin: One time, I fell when we were standing there. Jennifer was just as bad though.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Remember, when I hit myself with my bow and I flew backwards?
  • Sam Claflin: There should be a whole sizzle reel of us just falling over.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: The funniest thing that happened was when Josh got down one knee to propose to me and his pants ripped.
  • Josh Hutcherson: Right up the taint.
  • Nina Jacobson: And Jen, when you fell over in Katniss' wedding dress.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I was going up this ramp, so the dress tucks under my foot and the next step, once the fabric is tucked over, you're down on your next step.
  • Francis Lawrence: You went down and it was one of those squeaky slow slides down the rail, all the way to the bottom.
  • Nina Jacobson: And it's definitely not the kind of set where people pretend that never happened. We played that over and over and over again on the monitors.